Mueller Water Products Unveils New Brand Identity

Mueller Water Products, Inc. introduced its new brand identity and refreshed.


“Over the past 160 years, we’ve built a strong family of brands,” said Greg Rogowski, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mueller Water Products. “We’re taking our legacy of product excellence, customer service, technology and innovation from all of our brands and bringing them together to provide end-to-end water system solutions.”


Mueller Water Products brands include Mueller®, Echologics®, Hydro Gate®, Hydro-Guard®, Jones®, Mi.Net®, Milliken®, Pratt®, Singer®, and U.S. Pipe Valve & Hydrant. 


The new brand identity aligns with the Company’s focus on delivering exceptional value to its customers. Together the collective products, services and professionals position Mueller Water Products as one of the only providers that can fulfill a utilities’ water system needs at the source, at the plant, below the ground, on the street and in the cloud.


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