Modular hydraulic pump

Parker Hannifin has introduced an improved version of its PV pump range – the PVPlus. Available in five frame sizes, flow rates are from 20 to 400 litres/min at up to 350 bar and, thanks to variations and options, over 100,000 configuration are available. The PVPlus range has up to 60% less pressure and flow pulsation than comparable pumps – pulsation ripples that would otherwise cause vibration and noise in a system, when combined with a novel pre-compression chamber the overall system noise is further reduced. Structurally, they exhibit permanently tight joints within a high strength cast-iron housing for high reliability and quiet operation. For installation and maintenance, engineers do not need assembly fixtures and nothing more than standard tools are needed to exchange spare parts or to alter the pump’s configuration – both of which can be done quickly without complete dismantling. The pumps offer modular controls for easy in-field conversion, they have a large servo piston for fast response and a Thru-Shaft Option offers 100% “thru torque” capability. Valves can be directly mounted onto the pump, as can transducers, which enable the creation of electro-hydraulic control systems.

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