Miniature solenoid pumps

Bio-Chem Valve has developed a range of inert, solenoid operated micro pumps, available in the UK and Europe from Omnifit Ltd. The company produces self-priming micro pumps capable of outputs between 8 microlitres and 250 microlitres per dispense, providing OEM designers and manufacturers of scientific and medical instrumentation with an alternative to peristaltic pumps, or pump and valve combinations. The micro-dispensing pumps feature a non-metallic, inert fluid path for dispensing high purity or aggressive fluids. Dispensing precision is as tight as ±2% of set volume and the pumps are capable of actuation rates of between 120 and 250 cycles per minute. They are well suited to any precise dispense application, including reagent dispensers, wash pumps, diluters and drain pumps.

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