Mini pumps in special materials

The GJ Series of magnetically driven pumps from Micropump® is now available with ceramics, nickel carbide, hardened stainless steel and other wear-resistant materials that can handle abrasive and chemically aggressive fluids across a variety of different industries. According to the manufacturers, the special materials extend the service life of the pumps, especially on arduous duties containing solids or abrasives, such as titanium dioxide. The redesigned pump can handle flows with a maximum particle size of 5 microns at concentrations of 30%. Available in custom-built OEM configurations, the GJ Series of pumps deliver pulseless flow rates up to a maximum of 3.2 l/min (0.85 gpm) and can cope with operating pressures of up to 5.6 bar (80 psi). All the pumps in the series are leak-free magnetically driven units.

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