MICROMAZZA Receives INMETRO Seal for Series of Valves

The INMETRO NBR 15827 standard was created to meet the demands of the oil and gas sector in Brazil for valve designs suitable for extreme working conditions, with operational premises, minimum scope of Basic Engineering, certification tests and registration. The standard had its first edition in 2007, having been revised in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2018. 

Along with the standard, the idea of creating a voluntary INMETRO certification was also born to check if the projects guided by it really managed to fully meet its requirements, both in the analytical design of structural calculations, as well as in bench tests. The INMETRO identification seal indicates which standards or regulations developed for that specific product category have been followed in their design / manufacture / placing on the market. 

For the use of the seal (INMETRO / NBR 15827) on its valves, Micromazza submitted its products to a technical structural improvement. The certification was effectively obtained on June 2, 2020. This certification is based on a genuinely Brazilian standard, with a differential for highly critical valves in industrial applications and exploration, production, refining and transportation of oil products. 

The INMETRO NBR 15827 certification brings a market differential to Micromazza products, since the seal certifies not only the consistency of a project in the face of critical operational conditions, but also the company’s persistence in believing in its technical training. 

The corporate management made significant investments in obtaining the certification, as it believes in the associated technical knowledge and the improvement of all other company projects. 

There was a concern with raising the organizational technical level, with the drivers of Structured Engineering and Manufacturing Process. This strategic positioning places MICROMAZZA among the best valve manufacturers in the world. In the certainty that the path was followed on a technical and investment basis, seeking extension to other projects as an alternative to leverage your product, with a competitive differential based on high performance concepts and results.
Whenever you buy a product, regardless of its function or value, quality and reliability are expected. When high-performance technical features are present, there is a search for fundamentals that prove consistency, generating expectations that are not always described in their packaging. This is exactly the benefit of the INMETRO NBR 15827 certification, generating the market differential that guarantees the permanence of a consolidated product for MICROMAZZA and its customers. 

Aware of the benefit and the market differential that this certification offers, MICROMAZZA decided to add another value to this certification effort, with the extension of the warranty of the valves with INMETRO seal for 3 years, if its application is proven according to the operating parameters established in the project. 

Courtesy of MICROMAZZA.
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