Magnet drive pump

At the Achema 2003 in Frankfurt, Germany, Klaus Union has introduced three new magnet drive hydraulic sizes, SLM NVO 350-300-400 31E, SLM NVO 400-400-400 31E and SLM NVO 400-350-500 31E. The centre-line supported pumps will deliver up to 2700 m3/h and a maximum differential head of 90 metres when operating at 1750 RPM. Magnetic couplings will handle up to 400 kW motors. Product temperature range is –30 to +250 C. All sizes are available with DIN or ANSI flanges.The company’s magnet drive product range covers DIN and ANSI hydraulics, liquid heads of up to 900 m, product temperatures to 450 C and system pressure up to 400 bar. Designs for solids and dry run are also available.

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