Lowara pumps conserve rare plants

Three pumping stations from ITT Industries are providing irrigation for the Botanical Garden of Ancona, Italy. Situated near the Forest of Gallignano on the Adriatic coast, this beautiful area of forest and pastoral land hosts a wide range of trees, plants and animals. However, preserving the biodiversity and creating specialised smaller presentation gardens means supplementing the natural water supply. Variations in rainfall, together with the lack of natural shade would put the less hardy plants at risk of thirst. The first step was to calculate the amount of irrigation needed. Plants tolerate water stress differently and consume different volumes. Dr Bianchelli explains how he approached the challenge: “we studied the water uptake and the efficiency of plants in different parts of the garden. After calculating the amounts of water to be provided to each species we turned to ITT Industries to provide a solution. Lowara have a wide range of pumps so it was possible to choose a solution that exactly fitted our needs.” The 4″ borehole GS series pumps chosen for the task are located close to the water source deep underground and push the water to the surface. Normally, underground water carries sand, which can cause serious pump damage, and there is always the risk of corrosion. The impeller design reduces risks from sand damage and sand contamination. The pump is manufactured in materials that resist corrosion.

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