Larox solves fly ash application for Big Cajun

NRG Big Cajun Power Plant in Ventress, Louisiana, USA, has bought DN 300 Larox wafer knife gate valves to its fly ash application. Big Cajun II comprises three coal-fueled steam units, which generate 1700 MW of baseload or load-following generating capacity.
In the past, there were problems with the knife gate valves holding a tight seal. The cavity at the bottom of the valve was getting jammed up with material from the flowing medium. However, the customer purchased two Larox knife gate wafer valves and installed them early in 2011, and being very satisfied with their performance has since ordered three more for this application.
Larox Heavy Duty Wafer Knife Gate Valves are built with a cast body and features a heavy-duty stainless steel gate. Removable seats on either side of the blade provide a bi-directional bubble tight seal, with no metal parts in contact with the slurry. LKW is available with pressure rating up to 10 bars.
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