Large Split Case Pumps Package from Dynapumps

Dynapumps recently worked on seven large horizontal split case pump packages for an iron ore mining project at their process water dam. Each pump system utilized a Grundfos LS 800-600 pump, coupled to a WEG MGF500D electric motor, each producing 1200kW of power. 3 of the 7 pumps are being utilized for the Scrubbing Process Water Feed, and are designed to handle up to 6000m3/h of flow at a total dynamic head of 50 meters, whilst the other 4 are being utilized for the Desands Process Water Feed, designed to handle 5000m3/h at a TDH of 62 meters. 

This enables a flow (in parallel) of 12000m3/h for the two Desands pumps, with the third acting as a standby, and a flow of 15000m3/h for the three Scrubber Pumps, with the remaining pump, also acting as a standby. 

Dynapumps was responsible for the design and manufacturing of the large base frames that the equipment sits on, and all fabrication was completed in-house by their boilermakers. The motor stool design allows it to be filled with concrete ensuring stability on-site. Mating spools were also provided to ensure that the pump suction and discharge connections were suitable for the site requirements. 

Vibration and temperature sensors were utilized on both the pumps and motors, with all connections feeding back to a custom-built junction box, fully designed and assembled by Dynapumps. 

Dynapumps’ commissioning team is preparing to assist with the startup of the pumps on-site and will be on hand to provide knowledge and guidance through the commissioning process. 

Courtesy of Dynapumps. 
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