Landia Opens Door to Online Commissioning & eServices

Landia recently reported significant cost and environmental benefits from new online commissioning of its pumping and mixing equipment. 

Established in 1933, Landia thought it had faced all possible challenges to its business, but nothing quite like the coronavirus pandemic. One positive outcome is online commissioning, which in many cases is reducing manhours for all parties by as much as 90%. 

“Online commissioning might not become the new normal,” said Landia’s Export Director, Thorkild Maagaard, “but our new eServices are here to stay. In fact, we see no limitations as to what we can offer our customers online. All they need is a smartphone and an internet connection.”

According to Landia, with typical time-consuming delays such as the contractor usually having to wait for a supervisor, on-site commissioning for a project of this size could take up to 8-10 days in total. In comparison, online commissioning would take the equivalent of just one day. 

Courtesy of Landia. 
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