Kirloskar Brothers Launch Borewell Submersible Pumps

The Indian pump manufacturing company, Kirloskar Brothers Limited, has just released a new product line of borewell submersible pumps, the NEO Series 4-in. These pumps have been designed for the rural, domestic, and community water supply markets. This includes building, farming, and construction sectors.  
Ideal for usage in sandy borewells, the NRO Series 4-in borewell submersible pumps include a Sand Fighter arrangement which restricts sand entry and safeguards pump-set brushes. This design also features an advanced water-cooled motor to ensure 30% greater discharge and 60% energy-saving capabilities. This new product range also offers improved corrosion resistance and better pump and motor alignment.  
The NEO Series 4-in pumps are functional in adverse working conditions and even feature extra overloading capacity and a carbon plus stainless-steel thrust plate. This easy-to-repair design also includes FG200 graded casting with cathodic electro disposition (CED) coating to ensure corrosion resistance.  
This new series has NEMA couplings and a high torque motor capable of ranging from 180-240 volts. This protects the motor from burning and balances rotating parts for lesser vibrations.  

Image credit: Kirloskar Brothers Limited 
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