KE Brown supplies water projects

KE Brown has supplied six custom-built motor control centres and seven custom-designed PLC boards to two water infrastructure projects run by the Coffs Infrastructure Alliance Partnership. The Coffs Infrastructure Alliance Partnership consists of Abigroup, John Holland, GHD, Aquatec Maxcon, CNF and Serck. In the first half of 2009, the partners completed the Coffs Harbor Water Reclamation Plant and the Coffs Harbor Water Treatment Plant, together worth more than USD 145m. KE Brown has supplied motor control centres and PLC boards that are governing more than 120 motors involved in the front half and back half of the water reclamation plant. These motors would be used in the screening, grit, sludge and biological plant equipment as well as the disinfection and filtration outlet machinery. For the water treatment plant, KE Brown installed four motor control centres and five PLC boards. These are controlling more than 120 motors involved in liming, initial water pumping, dissolved air flotation and filtration and sludge and treated water pumping. PLCs were networked in a similar way to the water reclamation plant.
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