Kaeser Releases DHS Electronic Air Main Charging Valve

Kaeser, a global manufacturer, has released a new DHS electronic air main charging valve that offers monitoring and alarm capabilities. 

DHS models are available in eight sizes from 1-inch ball to 8-inch butterfly valves to accommodate nearly any system.
Removal of moisture, particulates and hydrocarbons from the compressed air system is vital in order to protect pneumatic equipment, minimize downtime, and reduce scrap and inferior product. The DHS helps ensure that dryers and filters perform to specification. This electronic intermediate control acts on a pressure signal to prevent high velocity conditions that will occur when system pressure is low, which maximizes contact time in air treatment components and makes them more effective.
DHS units have high visibility LED indicators to communicate status at a glance. They can also be wired to dryers and drains so that in case these fail or are shut down, the DHS closes to prevent contamination from getting downstream.

Image credit: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
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