IWS launched UK heat pump WW project

International Wastewater Systems Inc. (IWS) recently announced the launch of its inaugural European project, a SHARC installation at Borders College, located in the southeast of Scotland and occupying 5,500 students.

The Borders College project was led by SHARC Energy Systems (UK) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly traded International Wastewater Systems.

Backed by institutional investors Equitix and the UK Green Investment Bank, the SHARC heat recovery system intercepts waste water from a sewer close to the local treatment works operated by Scottish Water. The system uses a heat pump to amplify the natural warmth of waste water and the heat produced is being sold to Borders College under a 20-year purchase agreement, producing savings in energy, costs and carbon emissions.

The system now provides around 95 percent of the heat needed by the Galashiels campus and does not impact on the normal operation of the local waste water network.

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