Islington Avenue Trunk Watermain Rehabilitation

WSP, a Canadian business that provides management and consultancy services to the built and natural environment, was contracted for the design, project management and construction administration to replace 2,000 m of 600 mm watermain and 1,000 m of 450 mm watermain, which supplies the West Woodbridge Elevated Tank near the Region of York, Ontario, Canada. 

The pipeline follows an alignment up Islington Ave and across Highway 7, each four-lane regional roadways. Along the route, the watermain crosses three separate railway corridors, the Humber River, Steeles Avenue and Hwy 407 ETR.

WSP completed a feasibility study to determine the optimal renewal method. Based on cost, minimized pedestrian and vehicular impact, ease of construction and the ability to meet desired project objectives, CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) was selected as the preferred renewal method. In addition, the use of CIPP accommodated the various project complexities, such as the rail, river and arterial road crossings.

All existing valve chambers within the limits of lining were fully rehabilitated with new components, valves, stainless steel piping and new roof slabs. Several new large valve chambers were also introduced into the pipeline to improve isolation capabilities and connections to the local distribution system.
Image credit: WSP
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