Innovative Wastewater Pump Station Debuts in Spain

Smith & Loveless Inc. announced the first installation and start-up of ground-breaking vacuum-primed EVERLAST™ pump station technology in the nation of Spain. Installed by the water service company Aljarafesa in the Las Moreras community development of the tourist town of Bollullos de la Mitación in the province of Seville, the pump station transfers wastewater to the Palomares del Río treatment plant, optimizing the Aljarafe region’s environmental management system.

According to its own announcement, Aljarafesa “opted for the latest cutting-edge (pump station) technology taking into account technical, environmental, social and economic aspects” which is in accordance with company strategy and also the Sustainable Development Goal 6 for the supply of clean water and sanitation for all, contemplated in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Aljarafesa implemented the Smith & Loveless EVERLAST™ packaged pumping system, which incorporates high-efficiency motors for wastewater designed to reduce energy consumption costs and reduce the carbon footprint. Additional, with all mechanical equipment located above ground and outside the wet well, there are no confined space hazards for operator personnel for routine maintenance and operation, which is in stark contrast to prevailing submersible pumps. The system was factory-assembled, tested and then shipped complete as one package to the project site for simple installation. While Smith & Loveless pump stations are installed on every continent on earth, the installation in Bollullos de la Mitación is the first to be installed in Spain.

Courtesy of Smith and Loveless. 
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