Increased pressure for metering pump

The QX series of metering pumps from Quizix Inc can now handle a maximum operating pressure of 20,000 psi, more than double its previous capacity, thanks to robust stainless steel or Hastelloy construction materials and enhanced operating and dispensing software. The pulse-free pump is designed for application in pharmaceutical research, catalyst or chemical injection duties, and other precision scientific uses. The pump series is operated either by a computer interface, which uses Quizix’s PumpWorks™ software, or through a touch screen front panel display. Flow rates range from a minimum of 0.004 cc/minute up to a maximum of 500 cc/minute. The PumpWorks™ software can run up to eight Quizix pumps at a time. Features include data recording, auxiliary analogue input, ramping (for gradual increases or decreases in flow rate or pressure), and complete sequence programming.

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