Improve Inlet Flow to any Pump

The patented “J” Model Inlet Stabilizer from Blacoh Fluid Control was designed specifically for the inlet side of all pumps and aims to improves inlet flow conditions, insuring adequate flow into the pump and extending the service life of all inlet system components. Blacoh has added its patented “J” Model inlet Stabilizer to further maximize entire pumping systems. The “J” Model inlet stabilizer has a control unit designed so that either a positive pressure charge or a vacuum can be set in the stabilizer. This innovation effectively compensates for any pump inlet system whether the pump is operating under suction lift or positive inlet conditions. The “Revolution” pulsation dampener from Blacoh Fluid Control features threaded housings that screw together – eliminating the need for metal fasteners that are subject to the damaging effects of corrosive environments. The Revolution pulsation dampener is available in PVC construction, with a PVC bladder for complete chemical compatibility with many corrosive chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite.

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