Hydraulics shrink in size and power consumption

A new range of micro hydraulic power packs from Hydraproducts (UK) combines compact size with low power consumption and low noise. Available for 12V DC, 24V DC and 240V AC supplies, the new range of hydraulic power packs provides compact control circuits for single and double acting cylinders. The unidirectional (HPU) power pack incorporates relief, check and solenoid lowering valves for total control of a single acting cylinder. The reversible (HPR) power pack incorporates a novel dual pilot check and dual suction check valve circuit to control double acting cylinders by simply reversing the motor. Both power packs have pressure balanced gear pumps sizes up to 2.2cm3/rev that can provide flows up to 5 litre/min. Pressure ratings have been increased to 250 bar by using high-rated relief valves. Body size and power consumption have been reduced.
Body sizes of 89mm are now the smallest available. Using high-efficiency pumps and motors has increased battery life on equipment such as patient hoists and bath lifts.

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