Hydraulic release pump for mobile equipment

White Hydraulics has developed a new release pump for mobile equipment. “The release pump was designed for the mobile equipment market and to compliment our hydraulic motors and brakes”, says Jeff Englehardt, Director of Marketing. “However, it can be used with any spring applied/hydraulically released braking mechanism… The release pump is an inexpensive, one-piece alternative to buying and assembling the traditional components – screw-in cartridge hand pump, directional control valve and manifold block – used for brake release… It is ideal for both new installations and retrofits”. The pump’s aluminium body has two 0.375in-16 UNC threaded through holes for easy mounting, and is rated for pressures up to 4000lb/in2. The release pump is available with 4 SAE ports or -4 JIC fittings installed. The valve rod and pump rod are size- and colour-coded for quick and easy identification in inclement conditions. The release pump is designed to deliver an output pressure of approximately 500lb/in2 with normal hand pressure. It typically takes up to five pumps to generate enough flow to release a typical White Hydraulics brake.

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