Hydra-Cell System Meets Pressure and Footprint Requirements

A manufacturer of high-technology membranes for Reverse Osmosis (RO) and other filtration applications in water and wastewater treatment needed to source a continuous-duty pump to recover solvents from a solution.

The company selected the Hydra-Cell D03/G03 model pump because of its capability to meet the flow and high-pressure requirements while taking up a minimal amount of space on its skid.

The Hydra-Cell D03/G03 operates on a continuous-duty cycle at up to 870 psi (60 bar). The solvents in question may vary from 5-10% concentration in the initial feed and include Acetone, Ethanol and Acetonitrile. A final concentration in excess of 40% can be achieved by subjecting the membranes to more than 798 psi (55 bar) pressure.

The minimal maintenance seal-less design and low energy consumption of Hydra-Cell were also considered to be of great benefit. After more than one year of operation, no pump failures have been reported.

Courtesy of Wanner.

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