HABERMANN AURUM PUMPEN: The Heavy-Duty, Slurry Pump Specialists

Boasting almost a century of expertise and experience, Habermann Aurum Pumpen built an excellent reputation throughout Germany and Central Europe for its heavy-duty slurry pumps and other highly specialized equipment. Now, following the implementation of new strategies and investments, the company is making its mark in important global markets as Pump Engineer discovered when visiting the company in Bochum, Germany.

By David Sear

At first glance, the words of Markus Michael, the International Sales Director, may seem ordinary. When asked if Habermann Aurum maintains a database of pumps that have been previously installed, he responded that the company’s records on pumps date back to the 1960s. However, he emphasized that pumps sold to plant builders are often delivered to locations that are not disclosed. “For example, I recently received a phone call from a South American company, requesting spare parts for one of our pumps that had been installed in the early 1980s. We were unaware that this company even had one of our pumps. Be that as it may, we were able to provide advice about maintaining the pump, suggest beneficial upgrades, and have the necessary parts dispatched quickly.”

This little story speaks volumes about Habermann Aurum’s customer-centric approach to business. Firstly, the company engineers and manufactures pumps with built-in product longevity – in this case, the pump had been operating for over 40 years without needing any intervention from the manufacturer. Secondly, the company’s impeccable after-sales support promotes efficiency. Significant inventory is kept in the company warehouse, so clients can benefit from on-site consignment stocks whilst replacement parts for heritage equipment can be swiftly delivered thanks to the carefully preserved original technical drawings and casting patterns.

Tailored Solutions

Habermann Aurum further differentiates itself by selling pumps based on technical expertise, providing tailored solutions to meet customer-specific needs. “Once an inquiry is received, we do not default to off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we carefully analyze all parameters of the facility and the fluid that needs to be pumped. By thoroughly examining all variables and utilizing our modular approach to pump design, we configure the best possible solution through a combination of different technologies. If we find that no suitable, standard solution exists, we collaborate with our technical design department to develop a tailor-made solution specifically for that facility. And who knows—what is considered a custom solution today, may well become the standard tomorrow,” stated Marco Oude Lansink, the Head of Design and Development.

HGD-2 - The Compact Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seals are one of many critical elements of a pump. This component is designed to prevent the pumped fluid from leaking out of the shaft, in addition to stopping contaminants from entering. Habermann Aurum’s HGD-1 and HGD-2 mechanical seals both offer top reliability, but the HGD-2 benefits from a more compact design. Featuring a single seal ring, the HGD-2 no longer requires the pins, O-ring, and mating ring found on the HGD-1. These innovations resulted in the reduced size and complexity of the overall assembly.

“In many cases, Habermann Aurum’s in-house technicians install the pump, coupling, and motor on a sturdy baseplate, thereby delivering ‘plug and play’ functionality to customers,” continued Mr. Oude Lansink.

Sales Director, Taner Sayar of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, added that while centrifugal pumps are the core competency, Habermann Aurum also offers a range of complementary equipment. “We believe in offering all-in-one solutions, which can include water pumps, fittings, suction dredgers, and engineering services. We also provide a range of valves which are often required by customers during pump installation.”

Habermann Aurum’s clients can be found throughout the mining and chemical industries, as well as sand & gravel, the steel industry, energy management, sugar, water & wastewater, tunnel construction & civil engineering, and so on.  “We are proud to serve a wide range of stakeholders, including plant owners, engineering companies, and fabricators,” explained Mr. Sayar.

Extensive Portfolio

Habermann Aurum’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of centrifugal pump types, ranging from horizontal and vertical designs to armoured pumps for medium or heavy-duty applications, submersible pumps, sump pumps, to dredging pumps and more. In terms of applications, robust pumps have been developed for slurries and solids, with other models perfectly aligned to industries such as water, chemicals, sewage, and other sectors across the board.

“We are not only focused on improving our pumps as a whole but are also intensively working on advancing the components. Many of our in-house developments have already made their way into the global market. We offer unique customer solutions and are constantly working on optimizing key components, such as mechanical seals. Our latest in-house development, the HGD-2, builds on the successes of its predecessor, the HGD-1, and sets new standards in the industry,” said Sales Director, Markus Michael.

“Technological innovation is in our DNA. We continually invest in technological advancements, offering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of performance and efficiency. Wherever possible, we focus on modular construction utilizing standardized parts. This enables flexibility, ease of maintenance, and the ability to adapt to evolving needs. We also promote parts interchangeability, which helps to optimize cost, reduce turnaround times for new-builds, and facilitate maintenance and repair activities,” added Mr. Oude Lansink.

“We believe in offering all-in-one solutions, which can include water pumps, fittings, suction dredgers, and engineering services.” Taner Sayar, Sales Director (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Habermann Aurum’s new range of chemical pumps has been one of the newest and highly sought-after additions to its portfolio. “This has been quite a novel experience for us, given that many of our pumps – built for heavy-duty applications – have never really been covered by industry regulations or standards. However, when clients in the chemical industry asked us to develop a lower-duty model for chemical applications, we decided to engineer a pump which would meet ISO2858 standards and would incorporate the beneficial features, as well as the performance of our heavy-duty models,” Mr. Sayer mentioned.

Engineered from the ground up, Habermann Aurum’s new chemical pump benefits from a modular design. With the official launch expected later in 2023, the pump is currently undergoing extensive testing. Feedback so far has been very positive. “As always, we are not looking to perform rocket science but simply apply our deep knowledge of components such as the wear parts,” stated Mr. Oude Lansink. “In everything we do, we stay in our areas of proven expertise. We want to be the front runners, seamlessly serving industries where other pumps fail.”

Ahead of the Curve

The market for pumps has undergone notable changes in recent years, driven by customer demands for performance and sustainability, as well as the emergence of online platforms. Nevertheless, Habermann Aurum’s directors are confident the company remains ahead of the curve.

“In order to meet evolving market demands, we anticipate investing in research and development, focusing on innovation and continuously adapting our product offerings. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and addressing customer needs, we will maintain a strong position in the dynamic pump market and continue to deliver value to customers,” added Mr. Michael.

Engineered from the ground up, Habermann Aurum’s new standardized chemical pump benefits from a modular design.

Habermann Aurum now provides pump rental services, allowing customers to experience the superior performance of the products firsthand. In efforts to meet the growing demands of its customer base and ensure faster deliveries, the company has significantly expanded its storage capacities. This is yet another step in Habermann Aurum’s commitment to providing its customers with the best possible service.

“A recent and significant investment that was made is the expansion of our machinery park, boosting operational flexibility. We have also taken on extra personnel to support our growing business,” said Mr. Oude Lansink.  In terms of quality control, the company regularly invests in equipment to ensure that their products meet the highest standards.

Technological innovation is in our DNA”  Marco Oude Lansink, Head of Design and Development.

“We prioritize developing  pumps with robust designs to enhance durability, reliability and maintainability, minimizing the risk of breakdowns, and extending operating durations between scheduled shutdowns.” -Markus Michael, Sales Director (International)

Global Presence

In 2018, Habermann Aurum combined all manufacturing operations and Headquarters at the current site in Bochum, Germany. In this well-appointed facility, about 60 employees design, build, service, repair and even recycle pumps for a growing clientele in an increasing number of countries.

“Following a reorganization in 2015, we responded to positive developments in our overseas markets. Our strategy for overseas growth is simple – to be close to clients and potential customers,” stated Mr. Michael, when speaking on the company’s global ambitions. This can be done in-office or by working through key alliances with equally skilled and dedicated partners. Mr. Michael states that direct communication with the company’s demographic is important. “Customers looking for premium products require far more information and guidance than those seeking a commodity item from a catalogue.


Acting as technical consultants, Habermann Aurum therefore begins by fully understanding the application in order to develop the ideal solution. Our pumps are built around the customer’s technical parameters.” Attention to detail is critical and enables the company to deliver pumps that offer the best all-round proposition in terms of cost and performance.

Habermann Aurum has been making its mark in South America’s mining industry, as there is a growing need for bigger pumps. “We have begun expanding our recently developed KBKM series offering larger dimensions and higher capacities. It is important users understand that we are not simply scaling up an existing model. We are working from the ground up to deliver a pump with all the performance and reliability the customer requires,” mentioned Mr. Oude Lansink.

Materials Expertise

Materials are a core competence at Habermann Aurum. Due to their highly abrasive properties, solid-laden liquids – including acids and alkalis – place enormous demands on pump components that come into contact with the media. For more than 60 years, Habermann Aurum has relied on specially developed alloys and various types of lining for reliable protection of the components, such as:

–  HBN

– Special Metallic Alloys

– Non-Metallic Composite CeramCarbide®

– Iron Carbide

– Special Polyurethane APFlex®

– Rubber APG


Looking Ahead

At all stages of pump design, Habermann Aurum keeps a close eye on sustainability. This is maximized by primarily focusing on modular designs, using alternative materials that will last longer, and the use of the company’s take-back program. “We prioritize developing pumps with robust designs to enhance durability, reliability and maintainability, minimizing the risk of breakdowns, and extending operating durations between scheduled shutdowns. Finally, we maximize the pump’s efficiency, thereby  reducing electricity consumption,” said Mr. Michael.

Mr. Sayar neatly encapsulates all the advantages that Habermann Aurum can deliver to clients by recalling a particularly challenging pump application. “We were contacted by a new customer who indicated that pumps sourced elsewhere typically only lasted for three months. After a thorough evaluation of all relevant data, we built and delivered a test pump. Well, that pump of ours ran for three years without fail! The customer subsequently asked us to service the pump which is still in use today. It is the lifespan of our products that makes us highly competitive in the market. And as our customers often tell us, the return on investment counts!”

Habermann Aurum, a pioneer in the world of pump solutions, has made their commitment to quality, advanced solutions, and customer satisfaction evident through its position in the market. Whether users are looking for reliable pumps or comprehensive services, Habermann Aurum maintains its promise to deliver excellence.

The Challenges of Foam

When it comes to pumping foam, many suppliers remain unaware of the necessity of dedicated technology. Instead, customers often receive a standard pump which is only suitable for transporting media with a maximum 1.05 foam factor.

The proven pumping solution from Habermann Aurum is based on a special technology that enables the bubbles to escape from the foam, causing it to collapse and disperse. Thanks to this special feature, Habermann Aurum pumps can handle mixtures with a foaming factor of up to 2 with the V330 model or even 3, with the N-series pumps.

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