GIW Industries pumps for Lianyungang project

GIW Industries announced the application of its double-wall pumps in Lianyungang, China. This project marks GIW’s first collaboration with the Lianyungang Harbor Bureau, which has launched a new dredging vessel to perform maintenance and new work in the Lianyungang Harbor. Cutter suction dredges (CSDs) must deal with excessive amounts of rock and hardened soil. When the Lianyungang Harbor Bureau began the process of building a new CSD, it needed pumps that could endure the area’s extremely harsh conditions. Not only must the CSDs cut through rock and hardened silt, but they must also pump the slurry to the shore, which can be as far as six kilometers away. The vessel is equipped with a large, submerged mechanical cutter located in front of a GIW supplied 30×33 MHD 72 submersible pump. This pump delivers cut material to the first inboard pump, a 30×34 DWD 84; from there, material is delivered to shore via a floating, adjustable pipeline. Depending on the length of the pipeline, a second DWD 84 pump located on the dredge may be used as a booster. These two pumps, pressure rated at 30 bar each, can pump slurry over a distance of six kilometers when operated in series. Each 70-ton (154,000 lb.) pump has a 30-bar (435 psi) maximum allowable working pressure rating, a 45-bar (653 psi) hydro test pressure, and a flow rate of 13,000 m3/h (57,200 gpm).

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