Having recently received API 6D certification for manufacturing in the U.S.A. — an important milestone for FBV to expand their scope in terms of technical expertise and quality manufacturing beyond China. A commitment to having all of its products conform to the latest industry standards, as well as investing heavily in managerial growth and technological innovation, has made FBV a force to be reckoned with in the valve industry.

Valve World Americas recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lee Fang, Facility Director at FBV, concerning the company’s mission statement, commitment to quality, and the ways that it is improving business for its customers.

By Sarah Bradley

FBV considers product quality and exceeding customers’ requirements as their highest priority. With 600,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and warehouse space in Zhejiang, China and Brookshire, Texas, and sales offices in Panama and Singapore, FBV ensures consistency in quality, service and products around the world.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, FBV’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a factor the company takes very seriously. The company strives for continuous improvement of management policies, processes and procedures that are required for planning as well as producing, developing and servicing its products. FBV’s diligence in adhering to the standards set forth by the QMS ensures that, not only are their quality policies and objectives met, but that every product is produced to meet the highest industry standards.

In an effort to maintain the high-quality standards for their products, FBV has adopted the American Petroleum Institute (API) monogram program and more recently the company has achieved API 6D certification for manufacturing in the U.S. API performs audits which verify that the company’s QMS conforms to API Q1 and that the products meet the requirements of API 6D, API 600 and API 602, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE/Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC by TUV Nord, and Canadian Registration Certifications for all provinces in Canada. The company has performed significant testing to assure quality of valves such as API 6FA and API 607 Fire Safe Testing, API RP591, TAT per MESC SPE 77/300 procedures.

“The biggest accomplishment recently was achieving API 6D certification which means API acknowledges the product quality manufactured in the U.S. facility. It is a big manufacturing accomplishment for us, because it opens us up to many projects we may not have been able to bid on in the past. It also demonstrates that our management team is able to inherit the knowledge from previous management experience from our Chinese facility that is required for the control, traceability and recording of product data, and that we conform to a specific management system to ensure that we are maintaining the highest levels of quality,” said Lee. “With tariffs being implemented on the parts for assembling the final products, it has become feasible to assemble and test the valves in the U.S. without impacting the product price. With API 6D certification, we can now offer products being manufactured in the U.S. for the same price as from China. Also, the industry tends to have more confidence in products coming from the United States, so we are happy to be able to provide peace of mind to the customer and ensure that we provide the highest quality products available.”


“High quality products require well-manufactured components, as well as an industrious production process. Quality is more than just the final product — you need to evaluate all of its components including the ball, body, bonnet, seat, packing box and stem separately. Each element needs to be of the highest quality to align for the final product. By carefully processing each part we can make sure that tolerances are well controlled and surface finish is applied to enhance the valves performance,” explained Lee. “Every product is examined and tested. Components are inspected, assembly is inspected, performance testing is performed and a final quality inspection is carried out before we are satisfied that a product is ready to be sent to our distributors or customers. They trust us to provide the highest quality product and they count on the FBV name, so we want to make sure they have confidence in every product they receive.”


FBV Strives for A.C.T.I.O.N.:

Adopt the latest technology in order to take their product quality to the next level,

Consistently provide on-time services to their customers,

Train and develop talented people with strong work ethics to deliver effective performance,

Improve and enhance engineering designs to ensure product performance,

Optimize management systems and increase productivity and

Never forget their customer, employee and supplier needs.


Quality is Key

FBV manufactures a range of industrial valves. In addition to general ball, gate, globe, check valves, FBV develops customized valves such as Cavity Free Top Entry Ball Valves, Multiport Ball Valves and Twin-Seal DBB ball valves. The products are available in a variety of materials including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy, Hastelloy, Monel and Duplex. Once completed, the products are utilized in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Mining, FPSO and Marine industries.

Limiting fugitive emissions has been a focus of great importance to the valve industry for some time, therefore FBV has developed API 622 packing and its valves have undergone fugitive emission testing as per ISO 15848 and API 624, proving the acceptance of the packing and the design of the valves.

FBV also acknowledges the industry’s shift towards cleaner, renewable energy and has made investments into developing products to perform well in these new sectors. “The oil & gas industry will never fade out, however the new clean forms of energy, such as LNG using cryogenic valves, will force it to become a more competitive market. I believe only the companies, like FBV, who keep true to their values, keep innovating and adapting new technologies and strive to provide customers with better quality and lower cost products to fulfill their customers’ applications will survive this transition,” said Lee.


Commitment to Informing the Customer

Recognizing the importance of traceability and quick access to information, FBV has taken action to develop comprehensive management system software to ensure the accuracy of information and efficiency to integrate customer requirements into the final products. The software covers CRM, ERP, MES, QMS and SRM functions.

With the software in place, FBV is able to maintain Incoming Quality Inspection Records to ensure the quality of the materials they receive; Assembly Inspection Records to verify the inspection of assembly quality; Performance Test Records document the pressure tests performed to ensure compliance to leakage rate; the Final Quality Inspection Record is the final process prior to shipping to ensure that quality levels are met and the Mill Test Certificate provides traceability on the quality of products.

“We have always had the goal to create a dynamic environment where we are able to combine our customers’ interests with our own and we try to be a platform and source for our customers. Through hard work and research we try to meet our customers expectations with our engineered solutions – from a technical products and service perspective. We try to be the best engineered solution for our clients,” said Lee. “The software has come a long way. We are able to analyze all the product data and we will be able to connect customers to give them access to information from all locations around the world, which is something that we have really put a lot of work and investment into. It is a big milestone for FBV and the growth of the company.”

Access to this information allows FBV’s engineering team to diligently work hand-in-hand with their customers using the latest tools and technologies to elevate product quality and the customer experience. FBV offers a product guarantee to their customers and it is the company’s mandate to certify the quality of all of their products to ensure their customers needs are met.


Investing in Innovation

In order to provide customers with quality products at a competitive price, FBV is continuously investing in research & development and ways to increase efficiency. Through investment in cutting-edge machinery, IT development for the management system to implementation of lean processes and streamlined workflow and procedures, FBV maintains consistency and eliminates redundancy.

“R&D has always been very important to FBV. We have a very strong engineering team and we work with customers to always evolve and innovate. We must adopt the latest technology to take the product to the next level. We not only believe that technology will improve product quality, we also believe that technology improves production efficiency. Technology can help the company to stay competitive and ensure sustainability,” explained Lee.


FBV stands by the principle “Customer First, Value Dedication” — always putting the customer’s needs in first place, with every action carried out with the goal of providing value to the needs. Looking forward, FBV plans to remain committed to taking “ACTION” — an acronym representing the mission the company has maintained from its onset in order to sustain high quality standards and provide cost-effective products to satisfy their customers’ needs.

 “Integrity and honesty are the most important values and we strive to work with our customers and channel partners with loyalty and respect on a daily basis,” concluded Lee.

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