EzyFlow™ Groundwater Battery Operated Sampling Pump

EzyFlow™ Portable Water Sampler seems to address a growing need in the environmental industry for portable, accurate, and versatile water sampling tools. EzyFlow™ provides precision in obtaining undisturbed samples, aligning with the EPA’s protocols for Low-Flow (Minimal Drawdown) Ground-Water Sampling from monitoring wells.

Here are some highlights of using EzyFlow™ Portable Peristaltic Pump:

  1. Portability and Lightweight: The new design seems geared towards professionals who may need to carry it to different locations, possibly remote ones, without the burden of weight or bulky equipment. Its lightweight nature could reduce fatigue and make it an attractive option for field personnel.
  2. Compliance with EPA Protocols: Meeting EPA’s protocols is crucial for environmental professionals who want to ensure that their work is up to par with accepted standards. The ability of the EzyFlow™ to align with the Low-Flow (Minimal Drawdown) Ground-Water Sampling Procedure suggests that it offers a reliable and standardized method for groundwater sampling.
  3. Versatility: Beyond just groundwater sampling, EzyFlow’ s ability to transfer various liquids, be it acid or floc, underscores its utility in diverse scenarios. This multi-functionality can lead to cost savings as professionals might not need to invest in multiple devices for different tasks, and more!

Courtesy of ERE Inc.

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