Ensuring Camembert flavour

A German cheese producer is using Krohne’s Optimass Coriolis flowmeters to ensure the Camembert it produces is matured evenly and consistently to maintain its high quality and full flavour and to reduce waste. The Optimass flowmeter provides very precise measurement and is being used to monitor the brine used for maturing the Camembert. The cheeses are submerged in pools of the solution for a specific period of time where they absorb the salt.
If there is too much or too little salt in the brine the quality of the cheese will be impaired.
The cheese manufacturer previously used a magnetic inductive flowmeter to measure the salt concentration in the brine but found that it did not provide high enough accuracy. This affected the flavour of the cheese and resulted in rejects and waste. The Optimass accurately monitors the density of the brine being pumped into the pools. The precise concentration of salt in the solution is calculated and this information is then used to control the addition of salt. A constant ratio of 30% salt, 70% water is maintained.

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