Roten Srl

Via Ortica, 6, 20134 Milano Italy, Italy
Roten has a long tradition in the manufacturing of mechanical seals that began in 1945 in Milan (Italy) with the name “Laboratorio Elettromeccanica di Precisione Carlo Fontanella” then changed to “ROTEN s.r.l.”.
The name ROTEN is a combination of two Italian words: RO- from the Italian ROtazione which means rotation- and TEN –from the Italian word TENere which means to seal. In other words, it rotates and, at the same time, it seals!
Mr. and Mrs. Fontanella, started with the help of only two people and today the family companies have a total work-force of more than 200 people.
We supply the best quality product, we give fast deliveries and service and the maximum satisfaction to the customers.
We provide constant training in order to ensure thorough product knowledge by all personnel, and to offer the highest technical support possible.
The choice of strategic suppliers is made only after careful consideration. We seek long term contract agreements and cooperate with suppliers to give the best delivery times possible.
We have a flexible production technique to respond to increased demand. A large percentage of profit is reinvested into the company to maintain our technology at the highest level. Testing of all new high quality materials before they are accepted as production materials.
We provide on-site technical service by request with a quick technical support via telephone and email, a website with technical information. We offer a high flexibility in production with tailored design and dimensions. We are proud of our consignment stock for high volume.
From the fifties to today our products range shown on catalogue has more than 30 different models with many special versions: mechanical seals with positive driving mechanisms, rubber bellow mechanical seals, mechanical cartridge seals for food, pharmaceutical, and Atex application.
We are equipped with an internal laboratory for constant research.
All Roten seals are manufactured using mainly automated CNC machinery and robotized systems.
Attention to the quality and respect for the environment are an integral part of our projects.
We stand as a company in accordance with current and certified standards by the specific sectorial bodies:
UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System since 1993.
UNI EN ISO 14001 Certified Environment Management System since 2007.
Under request we can supply different types of declarations such as WRAS, FDA, MOCA, ATEX, EHEDG etc.