Debem Srl

Via del Bosco 41, 21052, Italy


Debem has been operating in the liquid transfer sector for more than 30 years. A pioneering company specialized in industrial pumps for highly corrosive and aggressive applications.


A clear idea: design innovative hi-tech pumps using materials and components capable of withstanding the most testing and aggressive conditions, easy to install and highly efficient for dependable, long-lasting service.


Debem offers a new range of effective services, supplying customers with technical and sales information that help to select the right product for every type of use. Our customers can count on a call center for questions about product selection and chemical compatibility according to their needs. We also have a customer service answering to technical questions about installations and applications of the pumps or fluid pumping process.


Debem offers five extensive product ranges designed for specific applications:

CUBIC and BOXER PUMPS: air-operated diaphragm pumps feature strength, power, self-priming operation (can run dry and with negative suction heads) even under exacting conditions and the ability to handle high viscosity fluids containing suspended particles. The Boxer and Cubic series are both fitted with a special air-operated exchanger coaxial to the shaft and without external components, this is a unique piece of engineering, offering excellent protection against the formation of ice and something you will still not find in other pumps currently on the market. Polypropylene, PVDF/ECTFE, aluminium and AISI 316 stainless steel versions are available. All pumps in these two series are tested to ensure maximum safety under difficult conditions (in the presence of particularly aggressive and viscous fluids), they can run whilst dry without suffering damage, do not require an air lubricant and are self-priming. Components are easily replaceable, whilst unskilled staff can perform maintenance without problems.

MB PUMPS: resin horizontal centrifugal pumps, particularly suitable for the transfer of corrosive fluids, may only be installed submerged in fixed systems, they operate with a direct-drive electric motor.

IM PUMPS: resin vertical centrifugal pumps coupled with a direct drive electric motor designed for fixed installations with pump immersed in the tank, high flow rate and fast transfer speed of extremely dirty liquids.

TR PUMPS: drum transfer pumps coupled with a direct drive compressed air or electric motor (see models). Being portable, they are ideal for fast transfer of clean corrosive liquids from drums.

EQUAFLUX DAMPENERS: automatic membrane pulsation dampers are devices operated by compressed air and installed on the discharge side of pneumatic pumps in order to minimize fluid pulsations and the resulting vibrations or hammering, so as to preserve the processing equipment.

double diaphragm pumps
double diaphragm pumps
double diaphragm pumps
double diaphragm pumps
double diaphragm pumps
double diaphragm pumps