Barrio Katea S/N , 20213 Idiazabal (Gipuzkoa) , Spain

AMPO FOUNDRY, located in Idiazabal (Spain) and founded in 1964, offers completely reliable & high added value pump casting solutions for the most severe applications and industries, such as: oil & gas, petrochemical & chemical, power generation, mining, marine, water & wastewater, pulp & paper, etc.

AMPO provides high added value stainless steel, duplex & superduplex & high alloy components, supplying not only product but also expertise in project management, finance of high value projects and logistical expertise to ensure trouble-free and on-time delivery of quality pump products, such as:

  • Bodies
  • Impellers & diffusors
  • Casting bowls
  • Propellers
  • Column pipes
  • etc.

Based on individual requirements, a highly qualified Engineering team advises customers in the selection of the most suitable and cost-effective moulding process, as well as in the most suitable material according to the specification.  AMPO also collaborates directly with the world’s leading R&D Centres, laboratories and University Engineering Departments.

In order to offer customers the widest possible range of pump castings, AMPO has 4 production lines, each of which uses the most advanced technologies:

  • Ceramic Moulding: AMPO offers large, complex shape and high precision investment casting components by its brand-new automated Ceramic Moulding facilities. Capacity: 240 tonnes per month (60 parts a day)Weight range for castings: 50-2000 kg. Maximum moulding box size: 1,5m3. Rapid prototyping by patternless technologies for unitary parts (3D printing, Reverse Engineering and Polystyrene machining technologies). Aluminium patterns for serial parts. Surface quality finish (RT8).
  • Sand Moulding: AMPO offers large and medium size components by its Sand Moulding facilities. Capacity: 340 tonnes per month. Weight range for castings: 50-5000 kg. Maximum moulding box size: 3000m x 3000m.
  • SCC: SCC technology has been developed and patented by AMPO. It is a process developed from Centrifugally Spun, where by using different tools and techniques, complex external geometries are obtained. Capacity: 200 tonnes per month
  • Centrifugal Spinning: AMPO offers centrifugal castings by its vertical and horizontal spinning facilities. Capacity: 450 tonnes per monthHorizontal spinning covers 100-670mm external diameter. Vertical spinning covers 430-1200mm external diameter.

AMPO FOUNDRY provides also finish machined components, counting on a new 12,500m2 non-stop machining workshop where they have invested in intelligent machine tools, such as: new vertical lathes with FMS, 5 axis machining centre with FMS, weld overlay cladding technology, etc.

AMPO offers also the following tailor-made services to meet customer requirements: 
  • Pre-assembly
  • Pressure testing
  • Painting
  • Balancing
  • After market solutions. 
Finish machined closed impeller
Finish machined closed impeller
Multi stage pump castings
Multi stage pump castings
Split body pump castings
Split body pump castings

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20213 Idiazabal (Gipuzkoa)
tel: +34 943 188 000
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