Desire for the Future Machine Builder NETZSCH Celebrates 150 Years of Excellence       

From a small workshop in Selb to an internationally successful mechanical engineering group: NETZSCH is ringing in its 150th anniversary year – and over 4,100 employees worldwide are joining in the celebration.

The beginning is a copy of the same start-up pattern people often see: Two brothers set up their own business in 1873 and, in a small workshop in Selb, developed a quality product that won over the fire departments of the region. The fire extinguishers from the “Gebrüder Netzsch Maschinenfabrik” were a big seller. From there, Thomas Netzsch, a locksmith, and his younger brother Christian Netzsch, an engineer, went on to develop machines for ceramic production that were also renowned for their quality. With the boom of the porcelain industry at that time in the Fichtelgebirge, the company finally concentrated entirely on the production of the ceramics industry equipment.

Thus, 150 years ago, the success story of a family-owned company began, which’ spans the globe with its three business units “Pumps & Systems”, “Grinding & Dispersing” and “Analyzing & Testing” – with products such as the Mohno pump, wet mill and rheometer, with around 210 production and sales locations and more than 4,100 employees. The NETZSCH Group is once again headed by two brothers from Selb: Moritz and Paul Netzsch. As the fifth generation of the Netzsch family of owners, they run the company along with CFO Jens Niessner.

Courtesy of NETZSCH.

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