Delfin & Hoegh team up for FLNG project

Delfin LNG LLC has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Höegh LNG Ltd in relation to its US-based Delfin Liquefied Natural Gas Deepwater Port Project. The Project is a planned floating liquefaction, deepwater port designed to export liquefied natural gas from the Gulf of Mexico, and is positioned to be the first floating deepwater liquefaction project in the United States.
“We are very pleased to be teaming with Höegh LNG, a world class partner in floating liquefaction, on the Delfin LNG Project,” said Frederick Jones, President of Delfin. “In an unpredictable and dynamic energy market, floating liquefaction is an extremely attractive option for both producers and customers. Floating liquefaction is environmentally friendly, cost competitive, economical with limited scale, moveable in the event of a hurricane, and has a shorter and more efficient schedule relative to an onshore plant. Furthermore, in the event global energy markets drastically change in the coming decades a floating liquefaction plant can be deployed in alternate locations, which provides floating liquefaction vessel owners the flexibility to be in a position to serve a more diverse pool of customers with shorter duration contracts.”
Höegh LNG will act as a co-owner, owner’s engineer and operator of the floating liquefaction vessels.

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