Deeside Cereals Find Wastewater Solution With Watermark And Landia

Investment in new wastewater treatment equipment has enabled a leading producer of cereals and cereal bars to overcome the challenges it was facing with a very problematic effluent.

Deeside Cereals had first introduced a new DAF unit (Dissolved Air Flotation) from Watermark (a division of WA Cooke Group) to separate suspended solids and for the thickening of sludge.

However, the FOG (Fats Oils and Greases) caused by ingredients such as chocolate, rape seed oil, and lecithin (phospholipids) had at one point sent COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) up to 78,000.

To suspend the solids from Deeside Cereals’ effluent, the Landia AirJet was soon put into operation. Comprising a 5.5kW Chopper Pump (invented by Landia in 1950) and a venturi nozzle, the low-energy AirJet can mix and aerate down to a water depth of approximately 7.5 metres, without the need for a compressed air supply.

Courtesy of Landia.

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