Corrotherm introduces new valve product range

Corrotherm International, one of the world’s leading suppliers of nickel and nickel alloys with a US office located in Texas, has added valves and valve servicing to its extensive line-up. Well known for supplying high-grade metals to the oil, gas and desalination industry, the valves are supplied from Corrotherm’s approved manufacturer list to ensure high standards of production, and the company has the approval of major oil and gas companies.

The new valves range includes a variety of different valve types, consisting of ball valves, gate, globe & check valves, butterfly valves, double block and bleed dual expanding plug valves, Teflon-lined valves & fittings and cladded valves (including INCOLOY® alloy 825 and INCONEL® alloy 625). Corrotherm can also supply actuated valves with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic mechanisms.

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