China: nuclear power project in Sanmen

China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC), the operator of the country’s three commercial nuclear power plants, is poised to start construction of the first phase of a 20 billion yuan nuclear power plant in Sanmen in the eastern province of Zhejiang. CNNC is preparing to invite international tenders for the design, equipment supply and construction of two 1000MW reactors in the first phase of the project. A total of six 1000MW nuclear power reactors will be built at the site. In addition to the Sanmen project, CNNC has applied to the government to build a further eight 1000MW reactors at four sites. CNNC wants to build reactors at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Project in Zhejiang Province, Lin’ao Nuclear Power Plant and Yangjiang in Guangdong province and Sanmen. Separately, the Chongqing local government has drawn up a plan to build four one-million-kilowatt pressure-water nuclear reactors in Baishou, in Fuling district.

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