Centrifugal water pump

The new NL Series of horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumps from ABS has a maximum flow rate of 1800 m3/hr and can deliver a pumping head of up to 140 m. The series is designed for application in the water and wastewater sector, in general industry and on building services’ applications distributing water and other clean liquid flows. The volute casing pumps can handle liquids with a temperature of up to 170 °C and have a maximum operational speed of 3600 rpm. The series is available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit end user requirements and can be delivered with one of five different bearing assemblies, dependant upon the end use application. Construction material options range from cast iron for relatively light duties to the more robust 316 stainless steel materials. Discharge diameters from DN 32 to DN 300 can be specified with the new pump series and all models conform to the EN 733/DIN 24255 and ISO 9908 standards. The NL series can be specified with a variety of shaft seals. Arrangements from gland packing stuffing boxes to single DIN type mechanical seals can be selected with or without quench and external flushing options. The pump design incorporates oversized bearings and reduced shaft deflection, which will help to ensure the reliability of the series. According to the manufacturers, the hydraulic design should also ensure high efficiencies and low power consumption rates when the pump is in operation. The modular series design, with more than 50 sizes available to the end user and a variety of material and sealing options, should also ensure that optimal operating conditions can be attained in most applications. In addition, a back pullout design that allows the rotor assembly to be removed without disturbing the pipework will ease maintenance procedures.

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