Celeros Flow Technology Solves Pump Performance Issues

A little detective work and a lot of expertise from the Aftermarket team at Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT) has significantly improved the performance of four BB1 pumps for a major water industry customer. The site investigation and subsequent materials upgrade carried out by the Celeros FT team achieved a 50% increase in pump operational life and delivered major cost savings by dramatically reducing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). 

The four Uniglide pumps in question had been in operation for approximately seven years but had not been subject to any serious maintenance in that time. The first indication that there were any issues with the pumps was a drop in performance. As the original pump manufacturer, ClydeUnion Pumps (a Celeros Flow Technology brand) was invited to conduct a comprehensive health check of the pumps to determine the reason for their reduced performance. A qualified team of engineers attended the site to investigate the customer’s concerns. 

Initial testing confirmed that the performance of the Uniglide pumps was significantly down on original design parameters. When the top half casing was removed, the Celeros FT team discovered that the impellers on all four pumps were badly damaged and the wear rings were severely worn.  

Maintenance of this order would be costly, so Celeros FT proposed a materials upgrade as a more cost-effective and long-term solution. Their proposal was to replace the existing cast iron impellers with ones of aluminium bronze (material BS 1400 AB2), which is more resistant to cavitation damage. The customer accepted this recommendation. 

Celeros FT manufactured the new impellers at the ClydeUnion Pumps site, complete with new wear rings for the four pumps. The upgraded units were then reassembled and tested again to ensure they met performance requirements. 

Replacing the impellers and fitting new wear rings on the Uniglide pumps achieved an immediate 6% increase in performance. Despite their exposure to cavitation, the new aluminium bronze impellers have a design life in excess of 15 years – more than doubling the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Return on investment for this project was calculated to be within two years. 

Courtesy of Celeros Flow Technology.
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