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Our Featured Story archive is a collection of the Featured Articles which have been published in our magazine and taken pride of place as the ‘unique feature article’ on our Pump Engineer home page. In addition to industry updates, market news, and topical issues of the day, the Feature Story provides an interesting mix of company profiles, in-depth technical articles, reports from major end users, and features projects in a variety of industries. These industries range from oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, and power generation to medical and food & beverage industries.

Prevalent Pump Motor Tests End Users Should Know

How does an operator know that the motor they are getting to drive a pump, or other equipment, is up to the challenge? Will...

The Effects of Enlarging the Impeller Throttling Gaps and How it Alters the Characteristic...

The enlargement of the impeller throttling gap width (W) by wear causes an increase of the throttling gap flow.

Flowrox™ Pump: Solutions for Demanding Applications

When renowned flow control specialists Neles acquired the valve and pump business of Flowrox in November 2021, the successful integration added extra breadth and depth to Neles' offering to the mining and metals industries.

Power Plant Market: A Chess Game for Pump Suppliers

The power plant market is somewhat of a chess game for pump suppliers.

How Torque Optimization Affects Pump Motors

Have you wondered how variable frequency drives (VFDs or drives) and motors interact to provide the correct amount of power to achieve the desired outcome?

Optimizing Pump Design Using Simulation

Simulation tools allow engineers to explore, test, validate, and optimize product ideas and designs through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer, and structural analysis.

The Diversity of Renewables

As companies adjust in anticipation of the energy transition, many are wondering what form of renewable energy will ultimately become more useful than another.

Consider Unusual Pump Mounting Methods

Process pumps can be found mounted in many ways. While there are situations in which a pump can be adequately mounted at least cost, there are also instances when process pumps need to be mounted with uncompromising diligence and quality of workmanship. It is therefore important to understand how a pump should be mounted.

Transient Pressure Monitoring on the Rise

Transient pressure monitoring is quickly becoming a standard across multiple industries and applications. While it was once used almost exclusively to record pressure from occasional water hammer events, industry experts now recognize the benefits of continuous transient pressure monitoring to ensure optimal fluid system operations.

Heat Exchanger World Americas, Last Days to Register!

Heat Exchanger World Americas is less than one month away! The largest North American heat transfer event will be taking place on November 16th & 17th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena Tx.