Cashco to build new headquarters

Cashco Inc. has taken another step in the expansion of its Ellsworth, Kansas headquarters. With the growth in worldwide sales of its diversified line of control valves, regulators and tank blanketing systems the company has expanded by unveiling a new engineering lab this year and is now preparing to break ground on a new corporate headquarters office building.
Cashco Valve Division General Manager, Clint Rogers said that the expansion was necessary to accommodate the increase in engineering and marketing staff.

“This will allow us to grow not online physically, but organically through new product development,” said Rogers. “By building a new office building, we will also be able to re-purpose the existing office, which is attached to our manufacturing plant, and use it for other needs, including an upgrade of some of the assembly areas and more office space for the engineering department.”

Rogers explained that the 20,000-square foot facility will feature several conference rooms and additional office space and is expected to be completed in 2013. The new building will also use geothermal heating and cooling and a number of multi-pane windows for better lighting, allowing the company to be more earth-friendly.

The facility will allow Cashco to expand its sales and production workforce as well, expecting to add 30 to 35 new jobs to the community.
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