Canada: pipeline projects

Enbridge Energy Partners LP has let a contract to Gulf Interstate Engineering Co. for first-phase preliminary engineering services for sections of the proposed Alberta Clipper oil pipeline and the Southern Lights diluent pipeline, which is under development in the USA. The section of the Alberta Clipper project covered under the Gulf Interstate contract includes 325mi of 36in pipe that will extend from the US-Canadian border to Superior, Wisconsin. Also covered are three 15,000hp pump stations. The portion of the Southern Lights project covered under the contract includes a 190mi, 20in line from Superior, Wisconsin, to Clearbrook, Minnesota, a 6000hp pump station, and flow reversal at three existing pump stations. The complete USD 920 million Southern Lights project involves installation of 475mi of pipe that will transport diluent. The Alberta Clipper project involves the construction of a 36in, 990mi crude line from Hardisty, Alberta, to Superior, Wisconsin, primarily following Enbridge’s existing right-of-way. The line’s initial capacity will be 450,000b/d and ultimate capacity will be about 800,000b/d. The Canadian portion of Alberta Clipper is expected to cost CAD 1.5 billion and the US portion is expected to cost USD 8 million.
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