California Pilot Success For Riventa’s Thermodynamic Pump Test

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) has successfully tested a 7.5MW pump using Riventa’s thermodynamic pump testing technology in a pilot project. Funded by the non-profit collective Waterstart, MWD used Riventa’s portable thermodynamic system to test the pump at one of its crucial pumping stations on the Southern California Aqueduct that together with another eight pumps, provides 1.5 billion gallons of drinking water (daily) to the 19 million people of southern Los Angeles.

Located two miles west of the Intake Plant, the pumping station where the Riventa monitoring took place lifts water from the Gene Wash Reservoir 303 feet to the Copper Basin Reservoir, at an elevation of 1,037 feet. MWD trialled the thermodynamic testing after Riventa attended a TAG (Technology Acceptance Group) customer forum arranged by Isle Utilities, where Waterstart saw the potential of this innovative means of maximizing asset data.

California’s ongoing drought added another layer of pressure to the already demanding role to meet supply – so the pilot with Riventa – delayed by Covid for two years – had to be carried out within a very tight window of opportunity.

Courtesy of Riventa.

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