Butterfly Valves Present in the LNG Industry

Co-Ax Valves Inc. is a global manufacturer of valve technology for demanding markets. With the founding of Quadax Valves Inc. almost 10 years ago, the group of companies has entered the field of butterfly valves for extreme conditions. Set to manufacture the innovative four offset butterfly valve, Quadax® is designed for extreme pressure and temperature ranges and is therefore particularly suitable for low-temperature applications such as LNG and cryogenic use.

In contrast to the elliptical sealing geometry of a triple offset butterfly valve, the Quadax® operates with a completely round seal. This principle of the four offset design guarantees bubble-free tightness in cryogenic applications and wherever there are massive fluctuations in temperature. During rapid cooling, when liquid gas is pumped through a pipeline, the round sealing geometry ensures a tightness of 100%. In its test, Müller Quadax achieved leakage values better than the target in the valve specification guideline BS 6364. 

With the four offset butterfly valve, costly downtime can be reduced to a minimum and maintenance interval can be planned more specifically.

Image credit: Co-Ax Valves Inc.
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