Businesses in Brazil Benefit from Sulzer

Since 1948 Sulzer has established a network of technically advanced repair and maintenance facilities. Service centers specializing in the repair and maintenance of all types of rotating equipment support local industries. 

The Brazilian service centers are positioned to deliver quality equipment and maintenance services using high-precision instruments and machine tools. The experienced and dedicated teams of engineers provide flexible, round-the-clock support to customers in many industrial sectors. 
Sulzer provides tailored engineering solutions to key businesses in the area, such as water, pulp and paper, refineries, hydrocarbon processing, fertilizers, power generation and more general industry. Every day, the teams take on the challenges posed by customers to deliver quality repairs that offer improved reliability and productivity. 

Sulzer supports Brazilian customers with high quality pumping solutions as well as its rotating equipment services for all industries. Specialist designers can deliver retrofit projects that re-engineer large pumps to perform more efficiently and offer better productivity. 

Sulzer’s global network of 180 production and service sites distributed across more than 50 countries, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, makes it possible for the company to support Brazil’s global competitiveness in its key sectors with state-of-the-art engineering solutions. Brazilian businesses can benefit from a wide range of services to boost operational efficiency while minimizing their downtime.

Courtesy of Sulzer.
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