From the outset, Bungartz has sought to promote its exemplary expertise by offering the most original and advanced pumping systems solutions. In the beginning, this included the development of ground- breaking concepts and designs that permanently solved a number of prevalent pump issues. Building on its innovative foundation, Bungartz has continued to refine its knowhow by pushing the boundaries of technology to develop tailor-made products that allow it to remain ahead of the curve and offer a diverse range of high-quality pump solutions. Pump Engineer had the pleasure of speaking with Frank Bungartz, CEO of Paul Bungartz GmbH & Co. KG, to discuss the company’s pioneering technologies, its dedication to sustainability, and how it is able to provide reliable solutions for the most unique and challenging applications.

By Angelica Pajkovic 

Dynamic History

Originally established in 1947, under the Bungartz family name, founder Paul Bungartz took pride in the company’s ability to address the needs of a diverse range of pump issues through its patented applications. With an intent focus on the issues surrounding frictionless centrifugal shaft sealing, Mr. Bungartz turned original ideas into tangible products. His attention to detail and unique designs assured costumers that Bungartz was a dependable source for their various pump needs. In 1987 Mr. Bungartz son, Jürgen, took charge of the company, and it has remained in family hands ever since. “In the beginning, my grandfather produced wear and tear pumps for difficult applications. As an inventor, he had a number of ideas on how to improve different aspects of a pump and strove to develop those solutions,” explained Frank Bungartz. “Some of the concepts he came up with, such as the self-leveling pump, are still being built upon today. While we have grown dramatically since our inception, we are still very much a family-run business whose standard for dependable products remains uncompromising.”

Over the decades, Bungartz has broadened its offerings significantly, making its industrial pump services one of the most robust in the industry. To meet the demands of the ever-increasing number of loyal customers who entrust it with their business, the company has expanded its reach worldwide and is continually looking for more international partners.

“Since taking control of the company from my father in 2006, we have expanded our international presence and now co-operate with a number of freelance engineering consultants and marketing partners. This transition has led to the successful sale of approximately 60% of our products abroad,” stated Frank. “I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to embrace the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, which has always been the cornerstone of the company’s management, and use it to advance the systems in place to service a wider range of markets and industries.”

Bungartz facility

Achieving Longevity 
Headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, with a production warehouse in Euskirchen, Germany, the staff at both of the Bungartz locations have one common goal: to exceed the expectations of each of its customers. With approximately 50 highly specialized employees who oversee every facet of the company’s operation, from the engineers who facilitate the customers’ orders, to the highly experienced customer service specialists, Bungartz is able to approach each of its projects with vigor and vitality. 
“Our primary objective is to create sustainable tailor-made solutions,” explained Frank. “We have pumps that have been in operation since the ‘50s and we can still provide spares for those units. Our philosophy, and ultimate aim, is to provide our customers with what we call FF pumps, or Fit and Forget pumps.” 
As 90% of the Bungartz made pumps are commissioned as custom-made products, the company regards itself as a supplier of pumping systems and solutions. Its focus on applications that require specialized materials, or processes, allows the company to ensure that the pumps it designs have longer mean times between failure and that clients will use less equipment over time to satisfy their needs. 
“Although we are a small company, we have a very large impact,” said Frank. “Our pumps are made for applications with sophisticated specifications, or that undergo extreme operations; they are made to handle whatever demands standard pumps simply cannot handle.” 

Bungartz floor

Inspired Innovations

Over the past 40 years, Bungartz has developed pumps that address pain points in the chemical and petrochemical, power plant, and environmental protection industries. From its submerged and magnet- coupled chemical pumps, to its horizontal slurry pumps, Bungartz’s systems solve problems associated with:

• Shaft seals, • Poor feed conditions, • Challenging pumping media, • Gas containing liquids, • Liquids close to boiling point, • Corrosive and / or abrasive pumping media, and • Sophisticated plant technology.

“We have self-leveling pumps, cavitation free pumps, non-priming pumps, and pumps for difficult seal applications; all of these provide the customer with certain advantages,” expressed Frank. “For example, all of our pumps are safe to run dry for hours without causing damage. As a Bungartz pump will not fail in this scenario, there is a significant cost advantage for any customer whose pump has frequent dry running situations.”

In general, Bungartz pumps are dry-running, self- regulating, wear-resistant, low-maintenance, resistant to solids, and have a high level of intrinsic safety. They are also suitable for boiling, polymerising, crystallising and toxic media in all Atex zones. Although they perform exceptionally in a number of roles, Bungartz pumps are often used in stressful environments, such as tank loading operations, titanium chloride applications, gas and steam power plants, and salt melting applications.

“One of the most advanced products we offer are pump systems for applications that require ammonium nitrate,” stated Frank. “Ammonium nitrate is commonly used in both the fertilizer industry and explosives. It is a very dangerous material to be pumped, and I think there are only three or four manufacturers worldwide, including us, who make pumps that are able to safely process the chemical.”

By working as a collective unit and offering leading costumer service to each of its clients, Bungartz is able to continually expand its products to service new and emerging markets. “As one of our core values is improvement, we are constantly challenging ourselves to make things better. Developing new features, preforming upgrades, increasing productivity, and looking for ways to integrate automation has allowed us to excel in cutting- edge industries,” said Frank.

Frank Bungartz

Engineering Expertise

The company’s longevity has been attributed to its commitment to technology and innovation, while also recognizing the varied needs of its customers worldwide. Combined with the streamlined processes necessary to meet or exceed customers’ needs in a timely manner, Bungartz is dedicated to producing products that are not only certified according to ISO 9001 standards but engineered to outperform its competition.

In addition to employing highly qualified employees to develop and manufacture its pumps, Bungartz guarantees the quality of its products through the diligent and dedicated attitude that it approaches each project with. “The best quality insurance I have is in the hands of my employees. Their commitment, range of experience, and positivity ensure that we are always pursuing further innovations. As part of our core business is to invent new products, we are typically seen more as an engineering company that sells pumps, than a manufacturer.”

Looking Forward

Deeply rooted in the industry, Bungartz strives to produce sustainable tailor-made solutions for all facets of the pump industry. With an inherent respect for its customers, who are at the forefront of each of its decisions, the company aims to keep aligning itself with their needs, and the progressive needs of the pump industry.

“We are continuously developing new ideas together with our customers,” stated Frank. It is important that our engineers talk to the customers in order to pre-emptively address potential problems and set out to create solutions. At the moment we are working on a number of innovative projects, such as creating submergible pumps for liquids that reach up to 400˚C to ensure we meet the demands of not only this market but future markets to come.”

With ‘Fit and Forget’ pumps at the basis of all of its projects, Bungartz is well situated to continue providing reliable solutions for the most unique and challenging pump applications in any industry.

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