BOC upgrade

BOC Edwards’ 18B4 vacuum pump has been upgraded with additional features to enable easier maintenance and operation. The new version, 18B4B, includes a clean out port and optional oil level and temperature measurement sensors. These new features reduce cost of ownership by simplifying maintenance procedures and minimising the down time that can occur as a result of low oil levels or loss of heaters. The vapour booster is designed to run in conjunction with other vacuum pumps to enable high throughput and pumping speeds of up to 4000ls-1. Oil is vaporised at a temperature of 200-250°C in the boiler that sits at the foot of the pump. As the vapour is ejected at high velocity through jets incorporated in the interior of the pump, gas entering through the inlet, is diffused in the vapour stream and transferred to the outlet. The vaporised oil is then condensed as it contacts the cooled external surface of the pump and returns to the boiler. The 18B4B’s clean out port is located on the top of the boiler and measures approximately 200mm in diameter. Access is provided through an easily removable panel, facilitating quick and easy cleaning – resulting in greater pump reliability and performance.

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