Blacoh Receives US Patent on Hybrid Valve™

Blacoh Fluid Control, global leader in pulsation dampening and fluid control equipment, announced today that it has received US Patent 10,353,409 for its Hybrid Valve™, the world’s first combination pulsation dampener and back pressure valve. This new patent continues the Blacoh tradition of developing innovative solutions to meet customer needs in the fluid control space.   
The Blacoh Hybrid Valve™ combines the steady flow control of a pulsation dampener and the regulation of a back pressure valve to deliver the performance and functionality of both in a single piece of equipment.           

The Hybrid Valve™ was engineered with state-of-the-art design for maximum efficiency. In a metering pump system, using a back pressure valve alone doesn’t do anything to improve fluid flow. When put in series with a pulsation dampener, the flow improves significantly, but results can’t match the performance of the single construction Hybrid Valve™ for the steadiest flow. As a single unit, the Hybrid Valve™ takes up less space and has fewer leak points for improved functionality and lower maintenance costs.

Image credit: Blacoh Fluid Control
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