BJ expands

BJ Process and Pipeline Services has strengthened its Europe – Africa regional structure. Previously, this region was split into two distinct geographies, namely the Northern Europe-West Africa Region (NEWA) and the Central Europe-North Africa Region (CENA). The recent restructure merges the two to form a single Europe – Africa Region Business Unit (RBU). The restructure has triggered a number of appointments throughout the region. One pivotal appointment is that of Mr Kyle Ruzick to the position of Nigeria and NEWA pipeline manager in Aberdeen. Mr Pete Rhodes has been appointed to the position of NEWA process manager. To support the division’s ongoing efforts across the pipeline and process service lines in West Africa, Mr Ewen Kleppang has been appointed to the position of business development manager -West Africa based in Capetown. Mr Richard O’Dowd continues as business development manager in Aberdeen at the division’s global headquarters. Mr Julian Manning will continue in his role as manager – CENA, with responsibility for bolstering the division’s presence in Europe and North Africa, especially in Libya. Mr Paul Sergeant comes into the senior management team as technical manager. The new HSE manager for the Europe-Africa RBU is Mr John Carmichael.

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