Betsy is even quieter!

With noise emissions now reduced to 55 dB at 7 metres distance, the new redesigned Hidrostal 100 mm self-priming, diesel engine pump set, affectionately known as Betsy, is keeping nobody awake, the company claims. The Hidrostal Betsy was developed with emergency pumping in mind, and can be supplied either skid or wheel mounted. The whole pump has been designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. At its heart, is the Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller, recognised for its operating efficiency and its ability to pump both clean and solid-laden liquids (sewage, slurry, sludge, bentonite, viscous material, etc). The electronic vacuum system switches off automatically when the pump is primed, making operation easy, as well as saving energy and wear and tear. Fuel consumption is reduced due to the system being able to run with a smaller diesel engine. Everything is contained, including the fully bunded fuel tank, in an acoustic canopy to enable the unrestricted deployment of Betsy in noise sensitive areas.

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