AVK Valves introduces a range of needle valves

AVK is pleased to introduce its wide range of needle valves manufactured by AC.MO, AVK’s Italian subsidiary.

Needle valves, sometimes referred to as plunger valves, enable engineers to finely control and regulate water flows and pressure. This precision is achieved through the fine movement of the shaft, which enables the gearbox to move the piston tube in sliding motion towards opening or closing position, depending on the requirement from the control system.

AVK needle valves require very low operating torque, as the piston is always in hydraulic balance with equal force on both sides at all valve positions. This feature significantly reduces actuator and gearbox costs.

Other great features are: One-piece body construction; Stainless steel internal parts and fasteners; All ductile iron parts coated with min. 250 µm fusion bonded epoxy; Shaft sealing with double O-rings; Main seal in the no-flow zone at the valve outlet; 4-6 guide rails ensure very low vibration; Gaskets in technopolymer (TPU) for high resistance to abrasion; Pressure balance in a chamber inside for low operating torque.

The standard range is Series 872/00-001 – PN10/16, with gearbox, DN80-1600; Series 872/00-002 – PN25, with gearbox, DN80-600 and Series 872/00-003 – PN40, with gearbox, DN80-600.

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