Atlas Copco Launches The E-Pump

Atlas Copco has developed a new versatile range of electric self-priming dewatering pumps for a wide variety of applications. This flexible solution is ideally suited for many applications like sewage bypass, dewatering in mining, and urban construction projects with access to a power source. E-Pumps successfully manage demanding flows and large solids with a reduced CO2 footprint and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The E-Pump range, which comprises the PAC High Head and High Flow models, offers an exciting electric alternative to diesel-powered dewatering pumps. This allows customers to reduce CO2 footprints and operate in emission-restrictive areas with no fuel consumption.

The PAC electric pumps are quick and easy to install, making it a Plug-and-Pump solution. The transition to electric motors has a tremendous impact on the overall productivity of the units, lowering the total cost of ownership compared to diesel counterparts and ensuring high performance for longer periods of time.

Due to recent environmental regulations, the need for dewatering pumps which can operate in noise-sensitive and low-emission zones is growing. The E-Pumps have been designed to enable operators to reduce energy consumption and noise generation under normal operating conditions.

With an extended pump life, these reliable and efficient self-priming pumps offer sustainable energy savings. Also, the maintenance and servicing costs of electric motors are substantially lower than diesel engines. Service quality is high, with ensured ease of access to the key elements of the pump with the patented hinge door access to the pump internals. In addition, the electric motor does not need oil changes or shutdowns for engine services.

Courtesy of Atlas Copco.

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