ATEX approval for hydra-cell pumps

Following completion of the ATEX conformity assessment procedure, involving a risk analysis and evaluation, Wanner Hydra-Cell pumps have been awarded its ATEX certification. Wanner worked with a third party, an ATEX Certification Body (ExCB), to obtain approval for installations above ground, where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur. Specifically, Hydra-Cell pumps are classified in Group II, Category 2 (Zone 1) for both gases and dust. Temperature classification is T4 135°C, permitting a maximum process temperature of 90°C. Hydra-Cell pumps, characterised by seal-less design with hydraulically balanced diaphragms performing the pumping action, are manufactured in flow ranges from 0.1 l/min up to 128 l/min and pressure capabilities (depending on model) up to 170 bar. For ATEX compliant installations, the pumps will carry appropriate markings of conformity; they can only be installed with an oil-level monitor unit to ensure lubricating liquid is always present in the drive end of the pump. An ATEX approved monitoring device is available from Wanner and can be supplied with the pump.

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